Upcoming Fall 2021 Seminars

Claremont, Laconia, Newburyport (MA) and Manchester

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Since 1991, our firm has provided estate-planning and elder law services to people of moderate means. In fact, we were one of the first law firms in New Hampshire to make trusts — which in the past were largely done for the wealthy — accessible and available to all. Here’s what else sets us apart:

* Financial fairness. We do not believe in hourly billing. At the very first meeting, we assess the situation and quote a flat fee, and we stick to it. There will be no surprises about what we will do or how much it will cost.

* Open communication. Estate planning can be very complex, and people’s situations often change, leading to follow-up questions and issues. In keeping with the flat-fee concept, we do not charge for phone calls or for responding to letters or e-mails, whether from our clients or their children. We also give our clients phone numbers where they can reach us after hours or on weekends.

* Flexible service. For clients who have trouble coming to our office, we can arrange meetings at home, or at a nursing home or hospital. There is no extra charge for this service.

* Straightforward delivery. We speak to people in plain English, not in “legalese” which they cannot understand.

* Dedicated follow-through. We keep our clients updated about changes in the law or about other issues they need to know about.