Estate Planning

Most of our clients share these top five estate-planning goals:

1. Avoid the expense, delay and publicity of probate
2. Protect their lifetime of savings from loss to a nursing home
3. Protect their children’s inheritance from creditors and divorcing spouses
4. Making provisions for a special-needs child
5. Save time and money for their heirs after they die

Our firm uses revocable trusts to accomplish these goals. With a revocable trust, you keep control of your assets, and direct how those assets are handled after you die. Your trust can be very simple, i.e., it can state that all of your assets simply go to your children, or it can be more complex, i.e., it can make provision for the education and support of your grandchildren, direct how a camp or summer home is to be used, allow protections for children who have creditors or financial problems and generally be customized for the particular situation of you and your family.

The hallmark of a revocable trust is that it avoids probate after death. Because of this, attorney’s fees are minimal or non existent, processing time is generally much faster than probate and your family’s privacy is protected.

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