How to host a seminar: Part 1

July 6th, 2015 by beasleyferber

Is your civic group looking for a compelling, topical, informative presentation? You might consider calling us to schedule an estate-planning seminar.

Why us? Each day this week, our blog will focus on FIVE simple reasons: Our seminar has proven to be helpful to folks all over New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts; it provides important value-added content for seniors and their families in your community; it’s free with no strings attached; we do a lot of legwork for you; and your group or venue gets important exposure and potential new members.

First, Reason 1: Our track record.

For years, Attorney Edward Beasley – occasionally in concert with a financial planner – has presented important estate-planning information FOR FREE at senior centers, churches, hospitals, and to civic groups throughout New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. (For the full list, go to the “seminar” tab on our homepage and click on “previous seminar hosts.”) His experience in elder law spans decades and always incorporates the latest developments, whether there be law changes or critical court decisions that affect our practices. Adding in Attorney David Ferber’s extensive experience adds up to 60 years in the field. Beasley & Ferber has helped thousands of people protect their hard-earned saving and homes from the devastation of sudden illness or long-term nursing-home stays, and provides other services to families with special-needs children, veterans and modern families.

Tomorrow, check out Reason 2: Adding valuable programming for your community.

Already convinced? Call our office to make arrangements at 1-800-370-5010.

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