How to host a seminar: Part 4

July 9th, 2015 by beasleyferber

Is your civic group looking for a compelling, topical, informative presentation? You might consider calling us to schedule an estate-planning seminar.

Why us? Each day this week, our blog will focus on FIVE simple reasons.

Today, Reason 4: We do a lot of the work for you

Hosting a presentation is easy. Once we agree upon a date, we can supply you with flyers for your members and the general public; an informational paragraph to post on your web site, Facebook page, e-newsletter, or to Tweet. We also pay for outside advertising in newspapers, local websites, and newsletters. Easy peasy!

Tomorrow, check out Reason 5: Exposure and lasting support for your group.

Already convinced? Call our office to make arrangements at 1-800-370-5010.

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