End of Life Planning/Living Wills

The case of Terri Schiavo won’t soon be forgotten. Ms. Schiavo was in a vegetative state for years, and clashes over her care fractured her family. No one wants to repeat this. That’s why a good estate plan will also allow you to control your own body and management of your health care

In order to do this, we use Advance Directives in New Hampshire and Health Care Proxies in Massachusetts. These documents do two things. First, if you are disabled but not terminally ill, you can designate a loved one, usually a spouse or a child, to be your advocate and make decisions about your health care. You can also use these documents to assure that your own personal requirements, due to religious or other reasons, are honored. In the event that you are terminally ill, and there is no hope of recovery, you can use these documents to specify that you be allowed to die naturally, without the use of life support or artificial feeding or water tubes.