Estate Settlement for Families of Deceased Persons

Although our firm believes that most people should avoid the expense, delays and publicity of probate, not everyone does this. Sometimes it is necessary to probate wills and estates through the courts, and our firm has many years’ worth of experience in doing so. We work in every Probate Court in New Hampshire as well as in Essex and Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts.
In this type of work, we take responsibility for filing the necessary documents with the Probate Court and the IRS, and assist and guide the executor in carrying out his or her duties. When the estate has been settled, we prepare an accounting of the estate, if necessary, and help in making the final disbursements.

In cases where all of the assets were in trust, so that no probate is necessary, we also meet with the successor trustees, and give them guidance in what they need to do in order to process the trust quickly and efficiently.

In short, we take a difficult and stressful process and make it as painless as possible.