Medicaid Applications

In criminal law, you are innocent until proven guilty. A Medicaid application is just the opposite: you are considered ineligible for the benefits until you prove that you are, actually, eligible.

Whether this is intentional or not we do not know, but it seems that the application process is designed to be as difficult as possible. Essentially, a Medicaid application is a full and complete audit of all of your finances for the past five years. You are required to produce a complete set of your monthly or quarterly statements for this timeframe.

In New Hampshire, every transaction above $500 needs to accounted for, and in Massachusetts, every transaction above $1,000 or so needs to be accounted for. If you have closed any accounts or sold any assets in the past five years, you need to prove what happened to the proceeds. If you have given any gifts in the past five years (other than small Christmas or birthday gifts), you can easily find yourself disqualified for benefits. Certain Medicaid caseworkers have been known to request vast amounts of information with impossibly short deadlines. To make matters worse, a 2013 law in New Hampshire can make your power of attorney holder personally liable for your nursing home costs if he or she is negligent in the preparation of an application.

It is our belief that, except in the very simplest of cases, you should get professional legal help in preparing and filing a Medicaid Application. Our firm has done thousands of Medicaid applications over the past 25 years, and we can provide the help that you need.