Some Musings on the State of Medicaid Applications

December 7th, 2015 by beasleyferber

Our firm does a high volume of Medicaid applications. As one of our earlier blog posts pointed out, these applications have become very difficult, and, in some cases, even bordering on the abusive. In one case going on right now in our office, we submitted financial verifications to the caseworker the first week of August. It is now the third week in November, and the caseworker has not even looked at them yet. In this case, the wife is the nursing home resident, and the husband is at home. Needless to say, he is in emotional turmoil over the delay. Although I am certain that the application is going to be approved, he is not. Therefore, he spends his days and nights worrying about this. He is losing sleep, and, to be frank, I am worried that he is going to make himself seriously ill with worry. In another case we have right now, the caseworker took two months to review the financial statements. After this time had gone by, she send a very long and detailed request for further information. To make matters worse, our client received this letter on a Monday, and it had a due date of Friday of the same week! It was an impossible deadline to comply with.

I do not know whether situations like those described above are intentional (I hope not) or whether they arise from inadequate staffing at Health and Human Services, or whether there is some other cause or number of causes I do know, however, that things like this have turned a Medicaid application into an endurance contest, and that our Senior clients and their families are suffering as a result. It is a shameful situation that should not be permitted to continue. Hopefully, the incoming Commissioner of Health and Human Services can do something about it. I have to say that I have my doubts, however.

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