Think Twice Before Doing a Medicaid Application on Your Own

December 14th, 2015 by beasleyferber

In the past month, I have had two situations in which clients have decided to do a Medicaid application on their own. In all but the simplest situations, this is a big mistake. In the first case, the clients did not know what they were doing, and presented the information in an incomplete way. The application was denied, and they came to us after the fact. I knew what needed to be done to correct the situation, and quoted the clients a flat fee to fix the mess that they had made. They chose not to retain us. What eventually happened I do not know, but this is a case where, had the clients retained us (or another qualified attorney who does Medicaid applications) in the first place, the problem very likely would not have arisen.

In another case, the client has a very complex financial picture. There are numerous accounts and parcels of real estate, all held in one form or another. Again, I quoted them a market rate fee to handle the application. I did not hear back, and after about two weeks I contacted the client’s son. He told me that his father simply did not want to spend the money on legal fees, and is going to do the application himself. I was frank with the son, and said that his dad was being penny-wise and pound foolish, and that, without professional assistance, I believe that the application is doomed to failure.

I wonder if the two clients mentioned above would do surgery on themselves, or re-wire their own house, or replace their own brakes on their car, or do any number of potentially dangerous things that require skill, experience and training. Maybe they would. However, they are not being smart. Sometimes people need to recognize that they need to get, and pay for, professional help.

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